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We're Back!!

Update 11th August 2007 server-side implementation to launch!

SmallPrint is now available again after a long break off the market due to domain registration and email issues. Our email address was not working so please get back in touch if you wanted to order or needed support. Although the trial version has not been available to download on this site for a while, you may have found it on some shareware sites. The URL given in the software documents ( was lost due to the hosting company not renewing the domain name. Also note is no longer valid either.

We are now located at the original address or preferably which will soon carry an online 'pay as you use' server-side implementation of SmallPrint (just sign up with no download required).

SmallPrint will not be sold after launches. Due to a very secure registration algorithm, there is no forseeable way of it being illegally shared or hacked. Of course, SmallPrint users will probably not need the new web-based service so get it while you can!

To celebrate the renewed availability, there is a promotional discount this month that allows you to purchase it for as little as $5!! See Registration page for details.

Below is the text from the previous version of this page.

Released on 28th January 2003.

Amazing Value!! 

The cost is just US$20 for a Professional registration (current release only).

A FREE 'print to bitmap' printer driver is now available! More details will be given once you have registered but click on the link on the left if you want to know what it's for.

NOTE: You can't lose with the $20 registration option, since once you have purchased two versions you will be deemed to have contributed enough and will be entitled to free future upgrades.